Dec 1, 2009

Students unite to commemorate World AIDS Day

rabble staff
(Right to left) Andrew Weizman, Isaac Sliwowicz and Maus Cooper are youth of Toronto's Trip Project. They had a booth at The World AIDS day launch at U of T. (Photo: Kristen Hanson)
Sep 1, 2009

Empower women to save the world

Kelly Crichton
Just about everyone working in development projects around the world has known the secret to success for some time -- put women in charge and your chances of a positive outcome are greatly enhanced.
Apr 11, 2009

#158 ~ James Wells ~ Evolutionary Tarot

Living On Purpose
James Wells offers an entertaining and educational tour of tarot in concept and practical application, by phone from his home in Toronto.
Mar 26, 2007

Episode Seven ~ Richard Moss

Living On Purpose
"If I'm not right here, right now, fully experiencing the present moment, where am I?"


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