Jun 15, 2015
PHOTO: flickr/Evan Bench

Money matters: COMER v. Canada

Judy Kennedy
Earlier this month, it was announced that the federal government is continuing to appeal a decision which could change the way the Bank of Canada is governed.
Aug 15, 2012

The price of offshore tax havens

The wealthy of the world have trillions of dollars in assets hidden in offshore accounts or tax havens.
Aug 13, 2012

Toronto considers public banking

Toronto city councilor Krysten Wong-Tam has proposed the idea of a government-run public bank as a solution to the budgetary problems facing the city.
May 5, 2009

Canada in the Caribbean: A hidden history

Yves Engler
Canada has long been influential in Jamaica and across the English-speaking Caribbean. Some prominent Canadians once wanted to add Britain’s Caribbean colonies to Canada’s expanding territory.
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