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Coalition aims to curb child labour in British Columbia

Image: Povnet.org

When Jeni Mathers tells people that children as young as 12 are working on British Columbia's construction sites and factory floors, she gets some extreme reactions. "A lot of people are in denial about it. When we talk to them they're shocked, they're embarrassed, they say, 'That can't possibly be.'"

Mathers is one of several members of the B.C. Employment Standards Coalition who have been visiting community events across the province, raising awareness for what they, and many others, see as a huge problem. In B.C., any child under 15 can hold almost any job with little more regulation than a parent's permission note. These young workers are inexperienced, poorly protected and being injured on a regular basis.


Vancouver Mayor and City Council make waves with opposition to Kinder Morgan pipeline

Kinder Morgan's plans would see close to one oil tanker a day passing through the narrows of Vancouver's harbour. (Photo: http://www.bcwaters.org/)
This week Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and City Council voted to oppose Kinder Morgan's pipeline and oil tanker plans for this narrow harbour.

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B.C. today: Labour conflict or school reform?

Photo: flickr/KT King

Did the B.C. Liberal government just bluff on that $40 a day voucher plan or do they really want to have that battle over public education now?

It was telling that one of the earliest responses to the announcement came from a former top ranking B.C. Liberal. "Hmm. Did BC govt just take the first $40 per day step towards a voucher system for public education?" asked former Attorney General, Geoff Plant on Twitter.

Yes! Was the resounding answer from those who know what a voucher school system is.


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What do you think should happen with the B.C. teachers' strike?

The ongoing B.C. teachers' strike has left many wondering if students will be back in class on Tuesday, September 2. Though the B.C. government and B.C. teachers still seem on opposite sides, some parents are calling on both sides to end the action. 

The teachers are asking for lower class sizes and improved class composition, as well as fair wages. The province says it cannot meet their demands.

What do you think should happen with the B.C. teachers' strike?



Paddlers support First Nations chiefs' demand to stop construction on Grace Islet

Photo: Gary McNutt

On August 26, 40 paddlers and a few brave swimmers made their way to Grace Islet in Ganges Harbour, led by a 30 ft cedar dugout canoe from Cowichan Tribes. Holding hands and singing, they came to support demands by chiefs from seven local First Nations to stop construction of a luxury home on this sacred burial ground. 


Grrr. Wildlife falls prey to our insatiable need for natural resources

Photo: flickr/PressedRat

Despite suspected ongoing impact to animals where the Mount Polley Mine breached several weeks ago, professional wildlife response teams can't get in to assess the area.

It is believed that chemicals still in the environment from the spill -- which released millions of cubic metres of potentially toxic waste into central B.C. waterways -- could impact millions of birds, among other animals in the area.

Exasperated responders say it is just a piece of a much larger problem that will only grow with the economy's reliance on natural resource development: wildlife has zero protection under Canadian environmental legislation.


August 11, 2014 |
On August 5, approximately 10 billion litres of wastewater and 5 billion litres of solid tailings waste escaped the impoundment at Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley mine in the interior of British Columbi

Save the Salish Sea: Celebrating the growing culture of resistance

Creating a vibrant community of widespread resistance begins in your own backyard. Or more accurately, on the unceded Indigenous territory that we in Vancouver reside. 

Organized by the Tsleil-Waututh Nation Sacred Trust, the Third Annual Save the Salish Sea Summer Gathering at Cates Park/Whey-ah-Wichen, Sunday Aug 10, set out to demonstrate a legacy of activist culture, in preparation for a continued fight ahead against further oil and gas development and the frontline communities most affected by it.


August 5, 2014 |
Christy Clark government's latest political ploy in its dispute with the BC Teachers Federation demonstrates the BC Liberals' lack of commitment to education.
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