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Arrogant Campbell ruined lives, his caucus should follow him out

Photo: Stephen Dyrgas

The Communist Party of British Columbia issue the following release on the resignation of B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell:

The three terms of the Campbell Liberals have been characterized by implementing the lowest taxes for the wealthy and corporations in North America at the expense of the standard of living, wages, and social programs of B.C. residents. His forced resignation is a compliment to a tenacious and awakened electorate who has had enough.


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Public deserves answers about methane leaks in B.C.'s natural gas sector

Photo: TruckPR/flickr

You can change the environmental conversation. Chip in to rabble's donation drive today!

The B.C. Ministry of Environment stands by its "implausibly low" estimate of methane leaks from the natural gas sector according to an official "information note" triggered by DeSmog's two-part article series last May.

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