Jan 11, 2017

We can learn so much from nature

David Suzuki
Biomimicry has inspired applications ranging from producing energy through artificial photosynthesis to building lightweight support structures based on the properties of bamboo.
May 15, 2013

Bean leaves, bedbugs and biomimicry

David Suzuki
Pesticides may offer quick, easy and effective methods for dealing with pests, but they come with all kinds of problems. Maybe we can learn some lessons from nature and our ancestors.
Oct 30, 2012

We can learn from nature's genius

David Suzuki
We humans have been able to accomplish a lot with technology, but we've also created a lot of damage. Maybe it's time we started learning from nature rather than trying to conquer it.
Aug 19, 2010

Learning from nature's design

Tragedy poses the basic questions: What is life really all about? Is nature trying to tell us something? Biomimicry is based on a deep biological read of exactly these two questions.
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