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March 24, 2014 |
Urge Health Minister Deb Matthews and health critics France Gelinas and Christine Elliott to put aside partisan differences to ensure that confidence in our blood system remains intact.
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| March 17, 2014
April 16, 2012 |
A petition is being circulating urging the Ontario government to use its influence to pursue Canadian Blood Services to increase the Canadian content in its blood plasma products.
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End the Ban: Adrian Lomaga

April 14, 2012
| Mcgill alumnus and lawyer Adrian Lomaga speaks to the blood ban on men who've had sex with other men, why the current policy is outdated and unscientific, and the need for a change in policy in Canada
Length: 18:26

Canadian Blood Services IS LGBTI-PHOBIC!!

Can anyone give me an update on the Canadian Blood Services rejecting blood donors who are in a monogamous same-gender relationship? I found out that one public school in North-end Oshawa Ontario, denied students who are in "same-gender" relationship. Does Canadian Blood Services not know that sex, gender and sexuality are separate identity categories that are always in flux and mutually constituted?

Can anyone update me? I am pisssssssssed.


actively and responsively,

Feminist Killjoy Trapaceiro

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