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Gaza's Ark and the Freedom Flotilla Coalition against the Blockade of Gaza

Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 10:45am


University of Ottawa, Bldg Desmarais Building RM 1140
55 Laurier Ave East
Ottawa, ON
45° 25' 25.608" N, 75° 41' 13.074" W

As part of international solidarity campaigns for Gaza, we present the next challenge to the illegal blockade. Gaza's Ark is an international grass-roots civil society campaign to help end the blockade of Gaza and help build lasting peace in the region through full freedom of movement. Participants can get involved, including as purchasers of Palestinian export goods on Gaza's Ark.

This event is Bilingual. Find out more about Gaza's Ark here.


Sailing for freedom

Freedom Sailors

by Greta Berlin and Bill Dienst, eds.
(Free Gaza Movement,

Freedom Sailors defies conventional narrative and adherence to globalist media by aligning itself with a narrative resounding with internationalism. The book provides an account replete with contrasts, highlighting the many facets of history and identifying the differing dynamics between activism and foreign policy.


| October 19, 2012
| October 4, 2012
| September 28, 2012
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