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Exploring and explaining our anatomy

Dear Sasha,

I was masturbating on the toilet the other day and, when I reached down to get some natural lubrication, I was a little shocked to find that I could feel my cervix was only about an inch or less away from the opening of my vagina.

Is this normal?

Do I have a short vagina? Am I not doing enough Kegels? I'm only 37, and I'm worried that I'll turn inside out before I'm 60.


Vaginas, vulvas, clitorises, uteri and cervixes come in all shapes and sizes. Kegels won't have any impact on the length of your vagina. They will simply help keep your pubococcygeus muscle strong.

CHA CHA: a night of readings and performances celebrating female sexuality and homeland

Saturday, September 19, 2009 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm


The Stone Lounge in the Revival bar
783 College Street (at Shaw) Lower level of the Revival Bar
Toronto, ON
43° 39' 17.6652" N, 79° 25' 12.378" W

Cha Cha is in its third installment, this year in partnership with the Allende Arts Festival. Come join us for a night of readings and peformances that celebrate female sexuality and ideas of homeland.

Theme: "mi cuerpo/ mi casa" or "my body is my home"

It is time to reclaim our home.

Our body and its myriad of functions and activities root us to ground and the present moment. Our notions of sexuality informs our identity as humans, it helps us touch the ground, but also allows us to fly, to reach transcendental sates, create meaningful connections with others. Understanding the importance of what we give when we share our body with others and ourselves is paramount to building a healthy society.

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