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Cross-Canada day of action Wednesday against Bill C-38

Protest against Bill C-38 in Whitehorse, Yukon. (Photo: LeadNow / flickr)
On Wednesday people all over Canada - like this group in Whitehorse, Yukon - will take action to protest Bill C-38.

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Open letter from a former Katimavik participant

Photo: Gabrielle de Montigny
A former Katimavik participant reflects on the Conservative government's decision to cut the program.

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Preparing for the 2012 federal budget

Photo: Kitty Canuck
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty prepares to deliver one of the most draconian budgets in recent years.

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Harper presents fearmongering with the budget

Photo: Kashmera
Budget 2011: We need a mature debate about the deficit, debt, and the merits of tax cuts.

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Budget Bill C-9 masks Harper's hard right legislative goals

Can the opposition parties, primarily the NDP and the Liberals, actually get their act together and save the country from more destruction by the Harper Conservatives? There is evidence that there is at least some talking behind the scenes about the formation of a coalition government. Widely reported remarks by Toronto Star columnist Chantal Hébert suggest that Jean Chrétien and Ed Broadbent are talking. Bob Rae blogged last week on the 25th anniversary of the Ontario NDP/Liberal coalition government he was part of and ridiculed the Conservatives fear-mongering about the renewed "coalition threat." Reports that members of the Liberal caucus are eager for such a move are also being strategically leaked to the media.


Charest's budget attack on Medicare

In its budget last week, the Charest government mounted an attack on the principle of universal access to healthcare: it wants to charges citizens for visits to hospitals. At the time they file income tax, someone with cancer, going for weekly treatments in Quebec would be dinged $25 for each visit. Over a 30-week period they would run up charges of $750, plus the annual fee.

The Canada Health Act embodies an idea. Healthcare should be available to all those who are sick and in need, not just to those who can pay for it.

A war-free economy is possible

Federal budgets are about priorities. The numbers in this week's budget will underscore the Harper government's prioritization of corporate profits and war. Canadian military spending is now the highest it has been since World War II. Canada is one of the top 15 military spenders in the world and the sixth largest of NATO's 28 member countries.


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August 18, 2014 |
Everyone has his or her own idea of how to be bold when it comes to taxes. Here’s ours: make broad, innovative changes to increase taxes and make them more progressive.
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