Sep 26, 2012

Misunderestimating airplane windows

Michael Stewart
How are Mitt Romney's lamentations over sealed airplane windows related to George W. Bush's famous solecisms? The answer isn't as benign as you might think.
Dec 7, 2010

Weekly Audit: Tax cuts for the rich extended

Lindsay Beyerstein
Congressional Republicans and the White House struck an agreement in principle on Monday night to extend all the Bush tax cuts for two more years in exchange for extending unemployment benefits...
Nov 16, 2010

Weekly Audit: Curbing the deficit, cat food and you

Lindsay Beyerstein
The deficit commission released its much anticipated list of helpful money-saving tips for the federal government last week. These tips include tax cuts for the rich...
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Invasion of Iraq

On This Day
On March 20, 2003 the United States launched its second war of agression against Iraq resulting in the defeat of the Baathist regime and an ongoing military occupation
May 28, 2009

Bush and Clinton in Toronto May 29

rabble staff
George W. Bush continues to evade justice and cash in on speaking fees. On Friday, his appearance with Bill Clinton in Toronto will be greeted by protest. (Image: http://nowar.ca)
May 1, 2009

A bill to investigate Bush

Matthew Adams
A bill in the U.S. Congress has just been introduced to create a bi-partisan committee to investigate Bush and his administration in terms of national security.
Feb 25, 2009

From Bush to Obama: War is still a racket

Krystalline Kraus
Canada is set to be on the frontlines of 'Obama's war' in Afghanistan until at least 2011. But what is the true cost of this war racket?
Feb 19, 2009

Obama's Afghan trap

The Joint Chiefs of Staff recommend a shift in strategy from democracy-building in Afghanistan to attacking alleged Taliban and al-Qaida strongholds along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.
Jan 27, 2009

Financial elite have no shame

It is odd that the financial community has emerged so unscathed, despite its central role in the collapse that has brought havoc to the world economy.
Jan 5, 2009

They hate us for our bombs

A letter I received last year rebuked me for calling George Bush's explanation of 9/11 - They hate us for our freedoms - "doltish."
Dec 19, 2008

Peace on Earth, good shoes toward men

Journalist Muntader al-Zaidi, the shoe thrower of Baghdad, has given us all a Christmas present in the form of a new way to react to rage and conflict, one that's symbolic and non-violent.
Dec 11, 2008

A tale of two Nobel nations

While the Nobels recognize lifetime achievements, and Sweden is a paragon among progressive, social democracies, there is another side to Sweden and the Nobels that warrants a closer look.
Nov 26, 2008

Ruling From The Grave

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!
Bush tries to ram through right wing regulations, Obama looks backward for change and the Liberals follow suit. It's enough to make your head spin.

Protest Bush in Toronto: Organizing meeting

Apr 27, 2009 to Apr 28, 2009
Stell Worker's Hall
25 Cecil St. South of College east of Spadina
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 24.6708" N, 79° 23' 44.3184" W
Ontario CA
A meeting to organize against Bush's visit to Toronto

By George! Good night George, good night

Jan 21, 2009
George Ultra Lounge
1137 Hamilton
Vancouver , BC
49° 16' 31.926" N, 123° 7' 17.9724" W
British Columbia CA
George Ultra Lounge presents an evening of festivities celebrating George Bush's last day in office.
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