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Exploding the myth of the peaceable kingdom

May 31, 2016
| The official story sees Canada as a shining beacon spreading its enlightened code of ethics through a dark world. Richard Sanders says we believe this because we're suffering from the Canada Syndrome.
Length: 30:18 minutes (27.75 MB)
St. Albert, Alberta, Post Office
| May 24, 2016

Black Lives Matter-Vancouver: 'We all feel an urgent sense of justice. We want it now.'

May 17, 2016
| Cicely-Belle Blain shares Black Lives Matter-Vancouver's goals and visions, the history of slavery, and why women are at the forefront of social movements.
Length: 54:49 minutes (100.38 MB)

Responding to economic critiques of the Leap Manifesto

May 11, 2016
| The Leap Manifesto has been called divisive, naïve and economically unsustainable. Christopher Majka says these critiques are rooted in a misunderstanding of what the Manifesto aims to do.
Length: 18:10 minutes (16.64 MB)
May 9, 2015, Moscow Victory Day Parade
| May 9, 2016
The Leap Manifesto
| April 26, 2016

UN report slams Canada for homelessness crisis

April 23, 2016
| A coalition of 30 housing advocate groups from across Canada went to Geneva in February to speak before a UN human rights committee. Kenneth Hale was part of the delegation.
Length: 11:34 minutes (10.6 MB)
| April 22, 2016

Trans Pacific Partnership undermines Canadian cultural policy

April 21, 2016
| A new study on the TPP questions why Canada allowed countries like Japan and the United States to significantly weaken protection for Canadian culture.
Length: 14:01 minutes (12.85 MB)
Alberta & The Leap Manifesto
| April 15, 2016
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