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January 12, 2015 |
Taxes are not just about revenue; they are also about the fair distribution of economic benefits and about how much inequality we are willing to tolerate.
November 5, 2014 |
Forty years ago, the Canadian and Mexican governments came together to create the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program. And they still have yet to fix it.
| November 4, 2014
October 20, 2014 |
The decision to hand over government printing contracts to for-profit businesses could jeopardize privacy and end up costing more.
October 15, 2014 |
The Official Opposition has developed a plan to tackle our country's childcare crisis. Affordable, universal childcare will offer real economic and social benefits to working families across Canada.
September 15, 2014 |
Over 10,000 signed "Make the Review Public" postcards were delivered to Raitt's office, calling for the government to adhere to the terms of its Charter and conduct a public review of the post office.

Hamas gains support following Israel's assault on Gaza

September 11, 2014
| A poll of Palestinians conducted after the recent ceasefire shows Hamas gained much support as a result of resistance to the Israeli assault. Meanwhile Netanyahu faces harsh criticism within Israel.
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Citizens or consumers? Talking politics with Susan Delacourt

photo: flickr/marsmetn tallahassee

"Taxpayer," is Susan Delacourt's most hated word.

"I just think that reduces the sum total of people's relationship with government down to this idea that it's something they pay for," explained the Toronto Star senior writer and author of Shopping for Votes: How Politicians Choose Us and We Choose Them. "This idea that government doesn't belong to people anymore -- that it belongs to service providers -- is a really, really reductionist way of looking at the world."


Filing an access to information request to the Canadian Federal Government

The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association has put out this awesome guide on filing an access to information request to the Canadian Federal Government. Some federal government bodies that might have information about you are the RCMP, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the Canada Border Services Agency, the Correctional Service of Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and so other federal organizations.

Why file an access to information request?


'The Dogs Are Eating Them Now' begs for our collective attention

The Dogs are Eating them Now

by Graeme Smith
(Knopf Canada,

Canada will officially end its military engagement in Afghanistan in March 2014 after losing 158 Canadian Forces personnel and spending billions of dollars on the war effort. So, was it worth it?

You won't find the answer in Graeme Smith's award-winning retrospective The Dogs Are Eating Them Now on his time as a foreign correspondent for the Globe and Mail. In fact, you'll only find more questions that beg for answers -- and our collective attention.


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