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Africville was a Nova Scotia settlement that challenges the national myth of Canada as a non-racist state

Lost Years: A People's Struggle for Justice

Jan 25, 2012
3200 Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
149 West Hastings Street
V5B 1H4 Vancouver , BC
49° 16' 51.6684" N, 123° 0' 11.1708" W
British Columbia CA
SFU presents an epic documentary mini-series touches on the largest exodus in humankind, covering over 150 years of history of the Chinese in Canada and abroad.
Dec 23, 2011

The ghost of Christmas truces past

Derrick O'Keefe
In Harper's Canada, there has been precious little official recognition of the history of Christmas truces.
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We demand

On This Day
We demand was the first major protest for queer rights
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Montreal masacre

On This Day
The Montreal massacre happened on December 6
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Abortion Caravan

On This Day
Started by the Vancouver Women's Caucus, the Abortion Caravan was the first national feminist protest.
Nov 9, 2011

Creating the CBC in order to build a nation

Marc Raboy
Given it is under attack, the hoopla surrounding the 75th birthday of the CBC provides a good occasion to recall how and why Canada got a national public broadcaster.


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