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Sarah Kathryn York joins the Babble Book Club today 7:30pm EST

Sarah Kathryn York is pictured here on the right.
Sarah Kathryn York, pictured here on the right, will join the Babble Book Club today at 7:30pm EST to discuss her novel.

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A celebration of Black Canadian authors

Photo: carmichaellibrary/Flickr
A listing of powerful Black Canadian writers who inspire Canadian writing and literature.

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Hot nights, Toronto streets: What is love enough?

Love Enough

by Dionne Brand
(Knopf Canada ,

Why is Dionne Brand's new novel called Love Enough?

That was a question I asked myself while reading. Of course, I knew I might never have a proper answer. Still, I suppose that one way to answer that question would be to track where love appears, where love is silent, what love does, what love is in proximity to.

On page five! A clue:


'Hysteric' heroically explores identity and madness within us


by Nelly Arcan
(Anvil Press,

The narrator of Hysteric, Quebecoise author Nelly Arcan's recently translated second novel, is -- like her creator -- a young Plateau Mont-Royal writer named Nelly whose debut novel about her years as a prostitute was an international success. Having sworn at age 15 to end her life at 30, Nelly tells us early in the text that "something within me has always been absent."

But the gaze of a nameless lover, a young freelance journalist with a penchant for cyberporn, infuses her with a fragile vitality; Nelly, at 29, meets him at a techno party in a bar aptly called Nova.


In conversation with author Doretta Lau

Photo: flickr/Florin Gorgan
Yutaka Dirks interviews author Doretta Lau and reviews her debut collection of short stories 'How Does A Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?'

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Doretta Lau sets a new standard in Canadian literature

How Does A Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?

by Doretta Lau
(Nightwood Editions,

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In person with Nadia Bozak

Monday, June 16, 2014 - 7:00pm


London Public Library, Central branch, Stevenson & Hunt B Room
251 Dundas St More information:
London, ON
42° 59' 5.0712" N, 81° 14' 46.0284" W

Join us for a reading and talk with local author Nadia Bozak to celebrate the launch of her new book, El Nino. Book sale and signing to follow.

This event is free!

'El Niño' draws attention to the issues of migrant labour

El Niño

by Nadia Bozak
(House of Anansi,

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Nadia Bozak's El Niño begins how it ends: with portents of death under a blazing desert sun.

We first meet Baez, the coyote-dog hybrid creature who, in smelling her own demise, ties together the parallel timelines of Bozak's novel: one in the present day and the second two years before, each playing out against the harsh landscape of the Oro Desert.


'Jewel of the Thames' dives into the mythos of Sherlock Holmes

Jewel of the Thames

by Angela Misri
(Fierce Ink Press,

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Do you have a young reader at home who craves an Arthur Conan Doyle style mystery story? Heck! Do you like young adult fiction with a strong female protagonist yourself?

Well, you need to read Jewel of the Thames by Angela Misri, which presents Portia Adams, a quick-witted young woman who inherits the legendary dectective Sherlock Holmes' dectective agency, and soon finds herself dreaming of solving crimes.


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