Canadian mining companies

May 28, 2013

Smash the State Report: May 17, 2013

updates on resistance to pipelines and canadian mining companies (and a how-to), KOALA hits african lion safari and hogtown mayday parties down. Testi THeir Logik and more!
May 23, 2013
Photo: leliebloem/flickr

Harper spins Canadian mining in Peru

Brent Patterson
The Council of Canadians and the Blue Planet Project stands with the more than 200 communities and civil society organizations in Peru who are demanding an end to destructive mining practices.
Feb 15, 2013

Globe and Mail proclaims on rapes in Papua New Guinea

Catherine Coumans
The deal Barrick Gold is offering women raped and gang raped by employees of its Porgera mine in Papua New Guinea is not "fair" as The Globe says. And Barrick's not alone in its overdue response.


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