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Ontario Nurses Association study on macroeconomic side effects of austerity

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The Ontario Nurses Association has been publishing some awesome economic analysis over the last couple of years, highlighting the talents of their new economist and PEF member Salimah Valiani. Apart from a strong analytical and quantitative approach, ONA's recent research has been very refreshing in the emphasis it has placed on gender analysis and the unique features of caring labour.


Gender, labour and Salimah Valiani's 'Rethinking Unequal Exchange'

Many progressives, unlike neoliberals, believe that labourers, not investors, are the fundamental source of economic productivity, innovation and wealth. Implicit in this line of argument is the view that business's capacity to accumulate profit therefore depends to some degree on its capacity to diminish labour's ability to bargain over control of the gains from rising productivity. Many social movements and unions contend that the neoliberal rules -- initially propelled by the United States --- of the WTO, the IMF, the World Bank and many governments, were not established to protect labour but instead to foster the well-being of those who invest for a living at the expense of those who must work.

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