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Reimagining CBC during troubled times

The Reimagined CBC logo that participants created at Reimagine CBC's launch social. Photo: Angus Wong
The goal of the Reimagine CBC project is to spark a brainstorm on the future of public media in Canada.

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Hill Dispatches: CBC targeted by the Heritage Minister

Open house at CBC Vancouver. Photo: rickchung.com
CBC has been the subject of much unfriendly chatter on Parliament Hill of late.

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Reimagine the CBC: Special event tonight at Vancouver's Vogue Theatre

Tonight's event includes performances by Dan Mangan and Hannah Epperson - among many others.

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The CBC in crisis


The future looks bleak for the CBC as we know it. The public broadcaster is facing a 12 per cent ($115 million) cut in its government funding and, two years down the road, the probable loss of the television service's flagship Hockey Night in Canada, which brings in about half the corporation's advertising revenue and provides about 400 hours a year of "Canadian content," a hole which will have to be filled.

Though the revenue shortfall will be most evident in the television service, CBC Radio will inevitably have to share in the pain as management scours the corporation for ways to cut costs.


Journalists for Human Rights

jhr Rights Check-up #5: Human rights roundtable

April 12, 2012
| The @jhrConU human rights roundtable on CJLO New Media and Politics with Karl Knox. In the final jhr Rights Check-up of the season, jhr Concordia takes over the airwaves.
Length: 1:20:18

Reimagine CBC: Canadians come together to think big in troubled times

Reilly Yeo, a member of the Reimagine CBC team, holds the Reimagined CBC logo that participants created at the Reimagine launch. Photo: Angus Wong

In late January, a small team gleaned from the ranks of Vancouver-based citizens' organizations OpenMedia.ca and Leadnow.ca took the wraps off an exciting new project called Reimagine CBC. The goal was simple, but ambitious: to spark a massive brainstorm on the future of public media in Canada by asking Canadians how the CBC, as a public broadcaster, could be reimagined as a leader in participatory, innovative and engaging media production.


Gerry Caplan

CBC and Sun TV get hitched

| October 15, 2011
Brian Topp

Conservatives paint target on the CBC

| October 3, 2011

Conservatives Move to End All CBC Funding

Though the CBC is far from perfect, I have heard news, deeply alarming, that the Harper government is looking at cutting all funding to the CBC.  This was floated by MP Dean Del Mastro on November 23rd.  He's the Heritage Minister's parliamentary secretary.  James Moore, the Heritage Minister, then failed to deny that these plans are in the works.

July 16, 2009 |
The reality is that CBC's financial future is threatened by more than just the recession - Parliament is playing a large role in the continued downsizing of the national broadcaster.
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