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| March 12, 2013

Chief Theresa Spence's exceptional accomplishments

Photo: Michael DancingEagle Cassidy

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In media time, it's been light years since Attawapiskat chief Theresa Spence ended her 44-day fast last week. But beyond the dismissive attention span of Canada's mainstream body politic, there are different ways to count time.

In the near term, Spence has been shockingly belittled and underestimated because she spoke to the country in a new language, and I don't mean Cree, though that is also true.


Prison fast in solidarity with Theresa Spence

January 20, 2013
| As Chief Spence starts the second month of her hunger strike, prisoners at the Penetang Prison will fast in solidarity with her and the struggle highlighted by Idle No More.
Length: 18:17 minutes (16.75 MB)
| January 21, 2013
| January 15, 2013
| January 12, 2013
| January 10, 2013
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| January 8, 2013
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