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In the spirit of Dr. King, a call for refugee sanctuary

Photo: Revolt! Puppy/Flickr

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The annual mid-January Martin Luther King Day celebrations are generally a frustrating example of how the legacy of a difficult and troubled revolutionary can be co-opted into the image of an acceptable, bland hero who has freeways and monuments named after him.

Kurelek’s 'The Maze': Toronto premiere

Friday, October 19, 2012 - 7:00pm


St. Anne's Church
270 Gladstone Ave.
Toronto, ON
43° 39' 2.1384" N, 79° 25' 50.6244" W


The Maze: a film about the life and art of renowned Canadian artist William Kurelek. Brothers Nick and Zack Young produced, restored and reimagined their father’s unseen 1969 film. Over 40 years in the making, Kurelek described The Maze (an artwork from which the film draws its title) as “a painting of the inside of [his] skull which [he] painted while in England as a patient in Maudsley and Netherne psychiatric hospitals.”

Including a prescreening talk about the art/architecture of St.Anne’s and a post-screening panel: exploring art, mental health and faith.

Tickets: $15 - OR cash at the door.

| January 12, 2011
Stark Raven: Prison Justice

Christian-based prison coming to Canada?

January 8, 2010
| A Christian group is making steps to build Canada's first faith-based prison unit in Manitoba.
Length: 18:50

Connecticut church performs controversial 'gay exorcism'

The controversial exorcism, performed by Manifested Glory Ministries, has solicited hundreds of calls for a widespread investigation.

Robin McHaelin, executive director of Connecticut-based gay rights group True Colors condemned the act in an interview with the Associated Press. "They're murdering his spirit. They have this kid in a full nelson. That just seems abusive to me." 

McHaelin also said her group knows of at least five similar ceremonies that have taken place in the past few years.

Connecticut church tries to exorcise 'homosexual demons' from 16-year-old

Manifested Glory Ministries, this church in connecticut performed an exorcism to purge "homosexual demons" from a young man's body. They say the boy is the one who asked the ritual take place, but it's obviously drawn a hell of a lot of fire from gay rights activists everywhere.

Check out the video here. Forward to about 3:40 to see the pastor screaming as the boy convulses on the ground.

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