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Is Saudi Arabia smarter than Canada?

April 18, 2016
| Angela Bischoff from the OCAA joins us at the top of the show to discuss some news and also talk about the complete waste of money (not to mention huge public safety hazard) Pickering nuclear plant.
Length: 53:14 minutes (48.74 MB)

Port expansion behind plans for new 10-lane bridge over Fraser

April 13, 2016
| The B.C. government seismically upgraded the George Massey crossing, created a bus lane and talked of twinning the tunnel. Then Port Metro Vancouver asked for a bridge and plans suddenly changed.
Length: 11:26 minutes (10.48 MB)
Image: Wikimedia Commons
| January 26, 2016
Photo: iwouldificould/flickr
| January 20, 2015
| December 8, 2014
| September 2, 2014
Asia Pacific Currents

Profits lead to mass killings -- The Soma coal mine disaster in Turkey

May 16, 2014
| Interview with Kemal Ozkan from IndustriALL Global Union on the Soma mine disaster in Turkey and labour news round up from the region.
Length: 29:24 minutes (26.92 MB)
| December 4, 2013
November 18, 2013 |
On October 31, an impoundment holding a slurry of waste from Sherritt International's Obed Mountain coal mine failed releasing approximately 670 million litres of waste into the Athabasca River.
| September 17, 2013
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