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| November 22, 2016
Canadian Premiers
| November 3, 2016
Green Majority Radio

Stupidity insurance: NEB in depth

September 13, 2016
| We dig into the ongoing National Energy Board scandals, with skepticism about their independence and unbiased perspective. Also Dakota Access Pipeline protest updates and more...
Length: 53:16 minutes (48.78 MB)
Green Majority Radio

Hope isn't a strategy

July 13, 2016
| An entire lake disappearing due to climate change in Bolivia, a rush of lobbying by mining companies, and an expose on how to evade lobbying laws in Canada.
Length: 53:01 minutes (48.54 MB)
Green Majority Radio

Activism in the age of terror

June 20, 2016
| Peabody Energy is a massive coal company that recently filed for bankruptcy revealing the monumental degree to which they funded science denial. Also... terrorism.
Length: 55:09 minutes (50.51 MB)
Image: Flickr/Michael
| June 15, 2016
Green Majority Radio

Is Saudi Arabia smarter than Canada?

April 18, 2016
| Angela Bischoff from the OCAA joins us at the top of the show to discuss some news and also talk about the complete waste of money (not to mention huge public safety hazard) Pickering nuclear plant.
Length: 53:14 minutes (48.74 MB)

Port expansion behind plans for new 10-lane bridge over Fraser

April 13, 2016
| The B.C. government seismically upgraded the George Massey crossing, created a bus lane and talked of twinning the tunnel. Then Port Metro Vancouver asked for a bridge and plans suddenly changed.
Length: 11:26 minutes (10.48 MB)
Image: Wikimedia Commons
| January 26, 2016
Photo: iwouldificould/flickr
| January 20, 2015
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