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Conrad Black's inner child

Black's Bad Boy: My stab at what got Conrad Black through a prison stretch isn't his arrogance or sense of rectitude. It's his not-so-inner child, an eternal boyishness. You hear it in the piece he wrote last weekend for the National Post. It has a sense of adventure with an improbably happy ending; it could have come out of the Boy's Own Annual, which I can picture him reading, absorbing the Dickensian stylistics. (He's always been a Victorian figure, which helps explain his choice of British lordship over Canadian citizenship.)

Tom Kent
| October 7, 2014
Brian Gallant
| September 24, 2014
| July 10, 2014
Rex Murphy and David Climenhaga
| February 22, 2014

Not Rex: Conrad Black says goodbye to his Order of Canada

Yeah, Humberto 'Not Rex Murphy' DaSilva got a tinge of the schadenfreude when the Governor General pulled Conrad Black's Order of Canada. Can you blame him?

Janet Davidson
| February 1, 2014
Ted Cruz
| January 6, 2014
| December 7, 2013
Spiro T. Agnew
| November 9, 2013
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