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Great Lakes, great pollution

Photo:  Thoth, God of Knowledge / flickr
This view from the shore of Lake Michigan speaks volumes about the impact of pollution on health and the environment in the Great Lakes region.

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'Professional agitators' or defenders of democracy?

The Conservatives blame "professional agitators," in a new motion to dismiss the legal challenges seeking to overturn federal election results.

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New campaign aims to protect Canada's Great Lakes forever

Pallisade Head on the North Shore of Lake Superior. (Photo: Northfielder / flickr)
Pallisade Head is on the shore of Lake Superior. Today, the Council of Canadians begins a speaking tour aimed at protecting the Great Lakes.

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Election postpones Canada-EU trade offers; now is the time to debate the deal

April 6, 2011

Election postpones Canada-EU trade offers; now is the time to debate the deal, says Council of Canadians

Ottawa -- The Council of Canadians is encouraged the federal and provincial governments have postponed an exchange of offers with the European Union before a seventh round of Canada-EU free trade negotiations next week. The organization is asking the provinces to make any offers public prior to bargaining away public policy with the EU, in light of upcoming provincial elections and new revelations the trade deal is worth half what the Harper government is promising.


Time to scrap the summits, build alternatives

Massey Hall, the scene for Shout Out for Global Justice! on June 25. Photo: Carleen Pickard/Council of Canadians

In 25 years of struggle against the global corporate agenda, I can't remember summits that were so thoroughly ridiculed by the people and the press beforehand. I'd like to think that progressive groups such as the Council of Canadians have had something to do with that, but really, could the media possibly have resisted mocking the billion dollar boondoggle of the G8 and G20 summits?


Most want proportional representation: Council of Canadians poll

For Immediate Release
April 15, 2010

New hard-hitting report details Prime Minister's ‘assault on Democracy'


| December 29, 2014
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| October 9, 2014
| September 29, 2014
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