Aug 7, 2015
Image: Flickr/miss_millions

Five myths about the tough-on-crime agenda

Paula Mallea
The Conservatives swear their crime policies have made Canadians safer. On the contrary: it's the one area we can safely say Canadians are less safe and paying too much for the privilege.
Apr 22, 2014
Photo: Connor Tarter/flickr

Crime and the young: It's complicated

Stephen Kimber
Crime and the young. It's complicated, far more so than any tough-on-crime Tory politician could -- or would probably want to -- capture.
Feb 27, 2014
Loretta Saunders

Grief and tragedy: A Gedenkschrift for Loretta Saunders

Christopher Majka
Nothing can fill that void left by the death of Loretta Saunders. But in an attempt to dispel the deafening silence, I offer a few words on how, in her honour, we might strive to make a better world.
Mar 1, 2013

Crime dramas and the revival of television

Television crime dramas are part of TV's revival, just when it was supposed to die. It's related to the demise of appointment TV, which was expected to be a lethal blow but instead probably saved TV.
Nov 20, 2011

Vengeance First: The ominous Omnibus is at the gates

Ethan Cox
The Harper crime bill (C-10) will make our communities less safe, our prisons more dangerous, and our society less equal -- all while sticking taxpayers with the exorbitant price tag.
Nov 17, 2011

Hill Dispatches: Quebec fights back on guns

Karl Nerenberg
Quebec Government wants the feds to give it the gun data that was collected in Quebec. And if the feds refuse? "We'll see," Quebec minister says.


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