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Obama’s new normal: drone strikes

There has been yet another violent attack with mass casualties. This was not the act of a lone gunman, or of an armed student rampaging through a school. It was a group of families en route to a wedding that was killed. The town was called Radda -- not in Colorado, not in Connecticut, but in Yemen. The weapon was not an easy-to-obtain semiautomatic weapon, but missiles fired from U.S. drones. On Thursday, Dec. 12, 17 people were killed, mostly civilians. The London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism has consistently tracked U.S. drone attacks, recently releasing a report on the six months following President Barack Obama’s major address on drone warfare before the National Defense University (NDU) last May.


Taking liberties: Santa Claus rejects NORAD escort, may be placed on no-fly list

Photo: Matt and Cyndi Maxson/flickr

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In a little-noticed news release from the North Pole, a jolly senior citizen has asked that his image not be co-opted this holiday season by the Canadian War Department and NORAD. In addition, the gentleman, who identified himself as Santa Claus, also refused the militarized escort that NORAD said would be tracking his annual flight around the world.

MQ-1 Predator Drone launching a Hellfire missile.
| December 2, 2013
Missy Cummings in the U.S. Navy
| November 28, 2013

Resistance to Obama's drone wars is growing

Image: Jared Rodriguez / t r u t h o u t; Adapted: hyperion327

"I wasn't scared of drones before, but now when they fly overhead I wonder, 'Will I be next?'" That is the question asked by 8-year-old Nabila Rehman, from northwest Pakistan. She was injured in a drone attack a year ago, in her small village of Ghundi Kala. She saw her grandmother, Mamana Bibi, blown to pieces in the strike. Her brother Zubair also was injured. Their case has become the latest to draw attention to the controversial targeted killing program that has become central to President Barack Obama's foreign policy and global war-making.

| September 9, 2013

Barack Obama challenged over drones and Guantanamo

June 4, 2013
| Medea Benjamin interrupted President Obama during the first major speech of his second term on U.S. foreign policy. Medea Benjamin is co-founder of Code Pink.
Length: 11:32 minutes (10.56 MB)

Obama interrupted: Why Guantanamo and the U.S. drone war are 'worth paying attention to'

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U.S. and global media reported Thursday that an "angry heckler" disrupted U.S. President Barack Obama's speech on foreign policy and counterterrorism. That description, however, does not do justice to long-time peace and justice activist Medea Benjamin. 


Why the Right's 'defence lobby' wants another war

Canadian C-17 in Kandahar, Afghanistan, 2006. (Photo: lafrancevi / flickr)

The generals have a big problem. The fighting in Afghanistan is over for Canada, and the thousands of recruits they armed, and the fleets of planes, helicopters and tanks they bought, have nowhere to go but home.

Since 9/11 the military budget has ballooned to its highest level since the Second World War, surpassing the height of the Cold War in adjusted dollars.

How much longer will Canadians be willing to keep picking up the military's enormous tab with no war to fight or troops in harm's way to support?


Leaked 'kill rules' memo sparks debate over Obama administration's use of drone attacks

A leaked memo has sparked renewed debate over the Obama administration's use of drones. (Photo: Chris Woods)

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