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Ecology Action Centre Annual Open House

Dec 4, 2014
Ecology Action Centre
2705 Fern Lane
Halifax , NS
44° 39' 24.0696" N, 63° 35' 46.6764" W
Nova Scotia CA
Please join us for a festive evening at our annual Holiday Open House!
Aug 28, 2014
The Coastal Citizen Podcast

The Coastal Citizen: The ever-changing shoreline

With sea level rise and increased frequency and severity of storms, our coasts face serious issues with erosion. The first episode of The Coastal Citizen looks at the ever-changing shoreline.

Ecology Action Centre annual general meeting

Jul 4, 2012 to Jul 5, 2012
Bloomfield Centre
2786 Agricola Street Multipurpose Room
Halifax , NS
44° 39' 29.5128" N, 63° 35' 51.0144" W
Nova Scotia CA
A great chance to learn about what we've been up to in the past year, and to help shape where we're going from here.
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