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Image: Flickr/Province of British Columbia
| May 4, 2016

BlackLivesMatter-TO's summer school is starting this summer in Toronto

This July, BlackLivesMatter-TO is creating a Freedom school.  It is a 3 week long summer program for children aged 4-10.  

There is a glaring lack of educational materials for children aged 4-10 that teach about Black Canadian and diasporic history.  This means that the Freedom School will have to create engaging, educational materials for the Freedom School participants.  The Committee will be working with Black artists and allies to develop these materials. Find out more about how you can help sponsor some of these materials, and become eligible for great thank you gifts, here


| March 7, 2016
March 1, 2016 |
The flipping of more than 450 Toronto-area school bus routes yesterday shows how unstable a system Ontario has for handing out such contracts, and will only get worse.
| February 22, 2016
Green Majority Radio

Won't someone listen to the children? Young environmentalists speak out

February 12, 2016
| Grade 5 students on endangered species, more on TPP and a severe facepalm warning about Rex Murphy's op-ed on Alberta.
Length: 55:52 minutes (51.15 MB)
| January 29, 2016
January 7, 2016 |
Algonquin College needs to get out of Saudi Arabia, and the Liberals need to give colleges the means to do their job: providing the education that will bring jobs and prosperity to the province.
| November 15, 2015
November 13, 2015 |
Teacher and occasional teacher members of ETFO have voted to ratify the central agreement reached with the Ontario Public School Boards' Association and the government.
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