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Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois: Together we can block austerity

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In February of this year, Quebec students began an unlimited general strike to oppose what would become an 82 per cent increase in tuition fees by the then-Liberal government of Jean Charest.

Six months later, the record of the longest student strike in Canadian history speaks for itself. The resignation of one education minister, then another. The defeat of Premier Charest, and his government. And, finally, the repeal of the tuition hike, and an unprecedented “special law” that sought to deny basic rights to organize and protest.

Throughout the years of mobilization that went into building this social movement, we had a simple slogan: Together, we can block the hike.


High school students take action against McGuinty's Bill 115

Photo: John Bonnar
Bramalea Secondary School staged a protest against Bill 115, the Putting Students First Act, that freezes teachers' wages for two years and prevents them from striking.

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Quebec's Maple Spring shows grassroots movements can force social and environmental change


Usually it takes social movements years, even decades, to significantly affect public policy. The movement unleashed by Quebec students last spring has had a much quicker impact.

Beyond politicizing a generation, it has spurred a more socially and ecologically progressive political climate. It is within this context that Pauline Marois' government has adopted more progressive reforms in its first days in office than any other provincial government in recent Canadian history. 



Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, CLASSE and the 'Maple Tour' arrive in Toronto

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, Cloé Zawadzki-Turcotte and Ethan Cox are speaking at several events in Toronto over the next two days.

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Dear Ontario teachers: Don't let McGuinty get away with this

I know you're angry right now. You should be. That your bargaining process has been interrupted by the reprehensible actions of the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives in Ontario should outrage you and all Ontarians who support you.

I want to acknowledge your pain. Having never had a student wet himself beside me, having never had to separate a fight where girls' hair is strewn across the floor, having never had to explain why the Merchant of Venice doesn't suck, having never had to stop myself from swearing for more than a few days at a time ... I know that what you do I could never do. What you do, most people can't do. Even with the shitty teachers lumped in, the service you give to the community deserves to be acknowledged, honoured and celebrated.


Chicago teachers' strike is a key battle for U.S. labour movement

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First it was red squares, now red shirts -- Chicago school teachers take action for public education. (Photo: peoplesworld / flickr)

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Thousands rally for education in Toronto

Ontario teachers, support staff, parents and other unionists came to Queen's Park on Tuesday with one message for the Premier and his Education Minister: Negotiate. Don't legislate.

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Coalition aims to curb child labour in British Columbia


When Jeni Mathers tells people that children as young as 12 are working on British Columbia's construction sites and factory floors, she gets some extreme reactions. "A lot of people are in denial about it. When we talk to them they're shocked, they're embarrassed, they say, 'That can't possibly be.'"

Mathers is one of several members of the B.C. Employment Standards Coalition who have been visiting community events across the province, raising awareness for what they, and many others, see as a huge problem. In B.C., any child under 15 can hold almost any job with little more regulation than a parent's permission note. These young workers are inexperienced, poorly protected and being injured on a regular basis.


A conversation with Amir Khadir of Quebec Solidaire

With just over a week until Quebec votes,'s correspondent sat down with Amir Khadir of the upstart Quebec Solidaire.

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Another 22nd, another 'mega manif' in Montreal

Another 'mega manif' took place yesterday with 100,000 people protesting.
Another 'mega manif' took place yesterday with 100,000 people protesting in Montreal. (Photo: Thien V / flickr)

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