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Haiti, the UN and cholera on election day

Photo: Kevin Edmonds
The poor are demonized for the suffering while those responsible are absolved of any responsibility.

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Russ Ford, no relation

September 24, 2014
| Russ talks about why he's running for councillor in Ward 6, a conviction for what will make the city a better place to live and how he exists somewhere between anger and hope.
Length: 46:24 minutes (42.49 MB)
Asia Pacific Currents

Labour and class politics in New Zealand-Aotearoa

August 30, 2014
| Labour news from the Asia Pacific and an interview about labour and class politics in New Zealand-Aotearoa with Joe Carolan, UNITE union organizer and candidate for the MANA party.
Length: 25:51 minutes (11.84 MB)
image: flickr/opensource.com
| June 12, 2014
photo: flickr/knehcsg
| June 12, 2014

Strategic voting: Demoralizing or imperative?

The promotion of strategic voting by prominent progressives has demoralized many New Democrats, and it has two other unintended consequences.

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Andrea Horwath and the unintended consequences of 'strategic voting'

image: flickr/Keith Ivey

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Andrea Horwath's decision to reject Wynne's budget, and her current ONDP campaign, have been massively attacked by media commentators and vocal critics on the left.

What they fail to note are the imperatives that likely shaped Horwath's choices, including the enormous impact that advocacy for 'strategic voting' by left organizations has had among NDP activists and decision-makers.

For obvious reasons, many on the left of the NDP loath 'strategic voting' and denounce it. But its promotion by prominent progressives not only demoralized many New Democrats, this also has had two unintended consequences.


Leaked letter shows progressives are unhappy with the Ontario NDP.

image: flickr/Ontario NDP
In a letter to NDP leader Andrea Horwath leaked on Friday to the media, traditional NDP supporters say they are “deeply distressed” by the party’s direction.

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Who's running for CLC national executive?

Photo: Kim Elliot

It's not just a presidential election that will happen at the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) convention tomorrow. Two other elections to the national executive are being held at the CLC: Secretary-Treasurer and National Vice-President.

rabble.ca has put together a quick overview of each of the candidates:

Candidates for Secretary-Treasurer:

Barbara Byers: Byers is no stranger to leadership. She's been the national Executive Vice-President of the CLC since 2002, and prior to that she was the President of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL).


Pre-election, CLC President Ken Georgetti looks to the future: 'We've still got work to do'

photo: CLC

Ken Georgetti has been President of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) for 15 years. After that tenure, no one would begrudge him his retirement. So why is he running for another three year term at the CLC convention next week?

Because he still has work to do. "We've got a job to finish," Georgetti said over the phone Monday morning. He wants to keep pressing forward with the CLC's Fairness Works campaign and get the congress ready for the federal and provincial elections that are on the horizon.


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