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Fair Elections Act? It's all a Con game!

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Minister of State for Democratic Reform Pierre Poilievre's first piece of legislation, Bill C-23 (the so-called Fair Elections Act), turns out to be a Con game. This should come as no surprise given the Minister's record as Mr Harper's obfuscator in chief, beginning with his full-throated defence of the 2006 'in and out' expense laundering scheme perpetrated by the Conservatives.

The government's spin on the Unfair Elections Act (and "spin" is putting politely what is now clearly a deception strategy) is a stream of "war is peace" doublespeak. They say they are encouraging voting when they are actively seeking to suppress many voters' rights.


Is cheating the only way Harper can win the next election?

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The Harper government has introduced a parliamentary bill, laughingly entitled the Fair Elections Act, to boost their chances of winning seats in the next general election.

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Harper's plan to win the next election: Cheat

Photo: Sameer Vasta/flickr

The Harper government has introduced a parliamentary bill to boost their chances of winning seats in the next general election. Laughingly entitled the Fair Elections Act, Bill C-23 would legislate advantages for the Conservatives through voter suppression, and curtail the role of Elections Canada in promoting voting -- the exercise of the democratic franchise -- guaranteed under Section 3 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Complete vindication for Council of Canadians' role in funding electoral fraud court case

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Amidst all the excitement around the Federal Court's May 23, 2013 decision (pdf) in which the court held that "electoral fraud occurred during the 41st General Election," the court was also asked to dismiss the applications outright on the basis of how the applicants were funding their legal bills.

This was one of many tactics employed by the respondent Members of Parliament (MPs) to derail the litigation and prevent it from ever being heard.

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On our first day of fundraising for the NoRobo Campaign, we had a exciting and scary moment when an article written about us appeared on Postmedia's Canada.com. The tone was both critical and amused, but it was a pleasure to see her cite our assertion that the Robocall Scandal "is the biggest case of electoral fraud in Canada, ever."


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