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| December 19, 2014
| December 18, 2014
| December 17, 2014

Watch: Eye witness to Eldorado Gold in Greece

Jamie Kneen, Mining Watch Canada, gives an eye witness account of the resistance of communities in Greece to the Canadian mining company Eldorado Gold. For more information go to www.miningwatch.ca.

Latin Americans pay the price for corporate climate destruction

Photo: flickr/Development Planning Unit

Information contained in a new report that details how multinational corporations are destroying the environment and causing serious climate damage in Latin America brings attention to an important area not being discussed at the UN COP 20 climate negotiations being held in Peru.

The report describes in detail how the destruction caused by three European multinational corporations is typical of the damage caused by multi-nationals throughout the continent.


Photo: eggrole/flickr
| December 9, 2014
Highway 16 blocked by LNG protest Dec. 6
| December 9, 2014
| November 28, 2014
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