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How to eat local, organic and vegan and save the world

Photo: flickr/Creative Commons License
Local food activist Ran Goel speaks to Steffanie Pinch about how eating local, organic and vegan can be better for the planet.

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| April 17, 2014

Capitalism or the environment: It's time to choose

If all you care about is making more stuff, capitalism may be the best system ever. But if you want to save the planet from environmental catastrophe our current economic system is a dead end.

I remember in my socialist youth often being told: "Your ideas sound good but that’s just not how things work in real life."

In my socialist sixties these same words seem appropriate as an analysis of mainstream environmentalism today.

Here is the harsh reality:


| October 7, 2013
| September 26, 2013
| September 23, 2013
Photo: 350.org/Flickr
| April 8, 2013
| March 28, 2013

A number is never just a number: The sustainability challenge

Image: Scientific Visualization Studio, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flickr


Square kilometres of Arctic sea ice that melted every day in August 2012. That's like losing ice the size of New Brunswick every 24 hours. (Source)


Number of years in which Arctic sea ice could vanish. "Very soon we may experience the iconic moment when, one day in summer, we look at satellite images and see no sea ice coverage in the Arctic, just open water." (Source)




More and more people are carpooling today than ever before. I started carpooling because I needed to travel to work from the suburbs efficiently. The first time I started carpooling, I thought of the idea to share a seat in the car as bizzare. Now, I really enjoy it because I have met some awesome people.

Does anyone here at Rabble carpool? Whats the reason you carpool (environmental, cost, efficiency)?


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