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| May 24, 2016
Feminist Current

'Dietland' author Sarai Walker talks fat, fuckability and liberation

May 19, 2016
| In this episode, Meghan Murphy speaks with Sarai Walker, author of a new feminist novel called "Dietland."
Length: 34:20 minutes (15.72 MB)
| May 18, 2016

Texas women fight the Right

May 17, 2016
| Women Democrats are strategizing against a Republican stranglehold on Texas. Producer Frieda Werden hears from women in multiple spheres of action.
Length: 29:07 minutes (40 MB)
Image: Wikimedia Commons
| May 17, 2016
May 16, 2016 |
Working women must stand together to let employers, politicians, and their communities know what they need on the job. The UFCW Women's Network does just that.
Image: PMO Photo by Adam Scotti
| May 11, 2016
| May 9, 2016
Feminist Current

Doctors still won't let women choose sterilization as a permanent birth control method

April 27, 2016
| Brie Ripley and Jocelyn Macdonald explore the challenges women face accessing tubal ligation.
Length: 42:24 minutes (19.41 MB)

Saving Islam for women

April 24, 2016
| An American Muslim feminist's campaign to reclaim women's place.
Length: 56:53 minutes (78.12 MB)
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