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Toplessness as tactic: Quebec students renew debate over nude protest

(Photo: ricardoara / flickr)

Montreal's student protesters have put down their signs and are taking something of a break until classes resume in August. Meanwhile, there is time to examine the movement against tuition hikes and the methods it used to draw local and international support.

One of the most attention-grabbing tactics of the student movement is its use of nudity, specifically topless women. There were many "nude" student protests over the months, the most notable during the Montreal Grand Prix.


Award-winning artist Kim Crosby talks about anti-racism and SlutWalk

This year's SlutWalk Toronto continued an ongoing discussion. Muna Mire interviewed artist Kim Crosby about anti-racism and SlutWalk.

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Why it's time to give 'While the Men Watch' a game misconduct

Infographic by Jaela Bernstien.

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"We recognize that it's not meant for everyone," co-host Lena Sutherland explains in an interview on CBC's The Current about her new controversial program While the Men Watch.


Creative protest on Parliament Hill today against anti-choice motion

Photo by Jenn Farr.
Creative action responds to anti-choice motion that will be debated in the House of Commons later this week.

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Music Review: Carole Pope returns with new album

Landfall album cover
Grande dame of the Canadian art rock scene Carole Pope returns with a new album.

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International Women's Day march in Toronto

Photo: Jesse McLaren
On March 3, women from across Toronto took to the streets for International Women's Day.

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More women scientists needed in the classrooms, faculty and professional world

Photo: BW Jones/flickr
Sexism under the microscope as Annemieke Farenhorst talks about the lack of women scientists.

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Niqab on trial: What is really at stake?

Niqabs in the courtroom: why the case of N.S. v. R. is central to the conversation of access to justice for sexual assault survivors. Photo: Alfred Weidinger
rabble podcast: Niqabs in the courtroom: Why the case of N.S. v. R. is central to the conversation of access to justice for sexual assault survivors.

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Interview: Australian feminist Raewyn Connell

Raewyn Connell. Photo: Dianne Reggett
'There's no one thing that you can call masculinity. There are multiple masculinities.'

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