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Women in mariachi music

February 26, 2015
| Traditional mariachi musicians wear black suits with silver buttons down the pant legs and they're all men. But women have been involved in mariachi music for decades.
Length: 15:20 minutes (14.04 MB)
The F Word

Mixed-race/hybrid-identity and organizing

February 23, 2015
| Adrienne and guests discuss how critical understandings of race are significant to developing a feminist politics and praxis.
Length: 46:48 minutes (53.58 MB)
The F Word

Feminism and the Media in 2014

February 23, 2015
| From Ghomeshi to Gamergate, a panel conversation about Feminism and the Media in 2014, recorded live at BARtalk as part of the University of British Columbia's Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
Length: 38:37 minutes (44.21 MB)
| February 13, 2015
| February 7, 2015
Feminist Current

Page Three is on its way out, The Sun just doesn't want to admit it

February 6, 2015
| Meghan Murphy speaks with Stephanie Davies-Arai about the No More Page 3 campaign and whether the U.K.’s largest circulation newspaper will continue publishing topless photos.
Length: 33:32 minutes (30.71 MB)
Image: Wikimedia Commons
| February 6, 2015
The F Word

Black Lives Matter

February 4, 2015
| In honour of Martin Luther King Jr Day, we are sharing a recent event that called out the Academic community about their responsibility to engage in the Black Lives Matter movement.
Length: 44:54 minutes (51.39 MB)
Image: Flickr/westernnationalroundup
| January 30, 2015
| January 27, 2015
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