financial crisis

Dec 2, 2011

Of bailouts and liquidity shakedowns

The banks were absolutely stabilized, and possibly saved, by extraordinary government interventions. Whether you call that a bailout or a "liquidity injection" is all in the semantics.
Dec 1, 2011

Canada's petro-recovery

The third-quarter GDP numbers are pretty upbeat on the surface but affirm that Canada's entire economic trajectory is being increasingly dominated by fossil fuel exports.
Nov 30, 2011

European financial crisis: Apocalypse soon?

Andrew Jackson
The OECD's new assessment of the macro-economic situation makes for pretty grim reading. And their forecast is based on an increasingly incredible view that the Eurozone will "muddle through."
Nov 25, 2011

Danger: Wage deflation ahead

The labour market is in much worse shape than the official 7.3 per cent unemployment rate implies. The latest evidence for this is a miserable report on employment and earnings from Statistics Canada.
Nov 23, 2011

Closing accounts with Wall Street megabanks

Occupy protesters marched on local branches of banks, so participants could close their accounts, and others could hold teach-ins to discuss the problems created by these unaccountable institutions.
Nov 18, 2011

Challenging capitalism: A 12-step program

Marc Lee
A year ago, I posted "What are the game changers?", an attempt at sparking some strategic thinking for the left. After a month of Occupation, I want to put some of these ideas back on the table.


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