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Aug 15, 2013

Can Canadians really 'buy into' Mexico?

Mexico's socially unbalanced, uneven and unimpressive growth in recent years offers no upside for Canada, and does not remotely offset the employment and investment losses associated with NAFTA.
Jul 9, 2013

The Foreign Investment Myth

There is a theory that millionaires from Asia buying up housing in Vancouver are the cause of the affordable housing crisis in Vancouver. Jackie Wong, Pablo Mendez and Henry Yu disagree.
Nov 7, 2012

Debunking the spin around Harper's FIPA with China

Gus Van Harten
Commentators like Andrew Coyne are far too quick to dismiss the need for careful study. This treaty could lead to billion-dollar awards against Canada and is too important to be reduced to spin.
Aug 17, 2012
Statscan Cansim table 376-0051 (by country) and 376-0038 (by industry)

Canadian banks' use of tax havens keeps growing

Toby Sanger
A growing share of Canada's investment overseas is being channelled by Canadian banks into tax havens. Unfortunately, there isn't much evidence our political leaders are doing much about this.
Jun 30, 2011

A July 1 portrait of corporate Canada

In honour of Canada Day, I would like to present a few statistical factoids about the huge institutions that determine the direction of our economy, and increasingly our politics and our society.
Apr 17, 2011

Canada's Caribbean bank tax holiday

Toby Sanger
Not only is an increasing share of Canadian direct investment abroad going through finance and insurance industries, but a growing share is also being funnelled into tax havens.
Feb 13, 2011

Imperialist Canada

Redeye recorded Todd Gordon at the launch of his new book, Imperialist Canada. Gordon interweaves histories of indigenous dispossession in Canada with the actions of Canadian capital overseas.
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