Apr 11, 2016
Rules Are For The Poor… Suckers!

Rules are for the poor… suckers!

Green Majority Radio
The Panama Papers scandal is all over the news, but what are the implications for the environment, and possibly more importantly why does no one seem surprised?
Aug 9, 2012

Election fraud update: They are at it again

Council of Canadians
Lawyers for the Conservative Party MPs in the seven ridings being challenged have filed motions asking that the applicants file security for the Conservative MPs’ costs for a total amount of $250,000!
Oct 20, 2009

Afghan election finalized -- almost

Dave Markland
Officials are ready to announce that Karzai won less than half the vote in the Aug. 20 elections. The Obama administration supports a deal to avert a run-off vote.
Jun 7, 2009

ATM card skimming hits the resort

Pina Belperio
Whistler and West Vancouver have been hit with a rash of ATM card skimming schemes in the past few weeks.

Harper’s Stolen Majority: Voter Suppression

Oct 2, 2015
Beit Zatoun
612 Markham St. (Bathurst subway)
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 11.6136" N, 79° 22' 59.4624" W
Ontario CA
This talk explains how Stephen Harper’s Conservatives organized a massive, nationwide, and carefully targeted campaign of vote suppression in the election of 2011.

Rally For Truth: Mass action against electoral fraud

Jun 23, 2012
Parliament Hill
111 Wellington Street
Ottawa , ON
45° 25' 25.1184" N, 75° 41' 53.34" W
Ontario CA
Take part in a mass action on Parliament Hill to demand a public inquiry into the 2011 election fraud. Demand that we get an inquiry into the largest breach of Canadians' rights in history.
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