Feb 8, 2012

Defence lawyer reflects on the G20 conspiracy case

Peter Rosenthal
Among the many things we'll never know in the aftermath of the Toronto G20 is how a political defence would have affected the trial of those charged in "the main conspiracy" case.
Nov 30, 2010

Meditations at the ringed fence around G20 Toronto

Michael Stone
The Buddhist teacher, psychotherapist and author reflects on nonviolence and engaged living -- as affected by the summer's summit violence -– and the value of waking up the body and the body politic.
Sep 13, 2010
The tar sands action during the visit of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, on Sept. 9. Photo: Ben Powless

An Indian Summer for the tar sands

Ben Powless
Impacts and resistance to the tar sands megaproject in Alberta are broad and increasingly well known -- and are spreading like wildfire around the globe.
Aug 12, 2010
Stephen Harper at the World Economic Forum. Photo: World Economic Forum/Flickr

Harper's lousy, pre-election summer: A review

Kathleen O'Hara
It took many poorly constructed policy bricks to build the power tower the Conservative Party lives in as they rule Canada. But many of the bricks are cracked, and the edifice looks set to tumble.
Jul 22, 2010
Journalist Jesse Rosenfeld is arrested and taken away to the detention centre. Photo: Activestills

Arresting the G20 press

Jesse Rosenfeld
A month ago, mass arrests during the G20 summit in Toronto were meant to silence protest and dissent. They were also intended to shut down scrutiny by the media. Four of us have now filed a complaint.


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