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Philip Breedlove
| November 30, 2014

Migrating Landscapes exhibit opens in Toronto's Brookfield Place

Chess set of Toronto by Amber Baechler and Mark Baechler. Photo: Theo Skudra/Tom Glass Pictures

Migrating Landscapes was inspired by the individual experiences of architects Johanna Hurme (born in Finland), her business partner Sasa Radulovic (born in the former Yugoslavia) and colleague Jae-Sung Chon (born in South Korea), collectively known as the Migrating Landscapes Organizer or MLO. All three are first-generation immigrants, who, like most new Canadians, had unsettling encounters with the very different Canadian landscape and building forms as they settled into their new country.


The Art of Trespassing: Contested geographies

The Art of Trespassing

by Anna Leventhal, ed.
(Invisible Publishing,

The politics of space and place are never neutral. Though many would like us to believe otherwise, the authors who have contributed to The Art of Trespassing know that geographies are always contested. They take the ancient art of trespassing to new levels by questioning and transgressing not only personal boundaries, but society's as well.


Needs No Introduction

Congress of the Humanities: Dr. John Agnew on International Borders - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

June 3, 2009
| Dr. John Agnew, President of the American Association of Geographers delivers the keynote address to the Canadian Association of Geographers.
Length: 46:01

The Geography of Deadly Sins

From a Las Vegas newspaper, of course:

The question of evil and where it lurks has been largely ignored by the scientific community, which is why a recently released study titled “The Spatial Distribution of the Seven Deadly Sins Within Nevada” is groundbreaking: Never before has a state’s fall from grace been so precisely graphed and plotted.


Maps for the US here - sinfullest places in red!

Mind-blowing numbers about humanity and technology

We are living in "exponential" times, says this video. Here are some numbers that give you some perspective on how fast the world is moving.

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