global warming

Dec 1, 2010

Canadian Youth Delegation daily podcast from COP16-#3

Youth Delegation to the UN Conference on Climate Change
Policy update and interview with Kandi Mossett of the Indigenous Environmental Network about her community’s struggle to keep Canada’s tar sands from contaminating their home
Nov 17, 2010

A sad day for climate action in Canada

Graham Saul
Hannah McKinnon
Yesterday the Prime Minister used his unelected senate majority to kill Canada's only climate change legislation after it had been supported (twice) by the majority of MPs.
Oct 21, 2010

Dirty Oil

Leslie Iwerks' film about the tar sands played to sold-out audiences at the Calgary Film Festival last month. The film details the social, environmental and political impacts of the development.
May 10, 2010

Climate change smoke and mirrors

Are you tired of all of the endless chatter about climate change? Most of the energy being spent on environment issues these days seems to center on the changing climate instead of its cause.


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