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Preparing for the 2012 federal budget

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Finance Minister Jim Flaherty prepares to deliver one of the most draconian budgets in recent years.

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What did corporate tax cuts deliver?

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Corporations sit on the cash they make from tax cuts rather than create jobs with it, a new Canadian Labour Congress study reports.

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| September 24, 2014
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| September 23, 2014
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| September 22, 2014

Harper's planned military splurge comes at the expense of health care

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With Ottawa's deficit about to turn into a surplus, we'll soon be able to loosen our belts a bit and fulfill our pent-up dream of splurging on new tanks and fighter planes.

Some Canadians have other priorities, of course -- investing in public health care usually tops the list in polls -- but Stephen Harper's government has already ruled that out.

Here's what Harper is actually planning to do: boost military funding and deeply cut spending on health care. None of this is secret -- although you wouldn't necessarily pick it up from the media.

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| September 5, 2014
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| August 28, 2014
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