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Preparing for the 2012 federal budget

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Finance Minister Jim Flaherty prepares to deliver one of the most draconian budgets in recent years.

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What did corporate tax cuts deliver?

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Corporations sit on the cash they make from tax cuts rather than create jobs with it, a new Canadian Labour Congress study reports.

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What does the budget say? A citizen's guide

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On budget day, the CBC, CTV, Global, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, and the major dailies across Canada focus their coverage on the government deficit. Did it go down? By how much? When can we expect a balanced budget? A surplus?

Whether or not the budget is balanced affects the Canadian economy, but not in the way the media spin suggests. A deficit is not bad and a surplus is not good. That thinking works for a corner store, or a retired couple, not for the biggest player in the economy.


Who's watching the CSE? A call for national security accountability

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Imagine your boss putting a hidden camera in your office or a spying device in your telephone recording your conversations. Imagine the reaction when, after rumours spread about his misbehaviour or after some whistleblower leaks documents about his actions, he admits that he "did it" but quickly adds that he did it only "incidentally"! Are you going to believe him and are you going to trust him again? Of course not! Well, this scenario isn't a simple assumption or a fictive statement.


Long-held secret about FBI spying casts light on NSA surveillance today

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This week, more news emerged about the theft of classified government documents, leaked to the press, that revealed a massive, top-secret surveillance program. No, not news of Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency, but of a group of anti-Vietnam war activists who perpetrated one of the most audacious thefts of government secrets in U.S. history, and who successfully evaded capture, remaining anonymous for more than 40 years. Among them: two professors, a daycare provider and a taxi driver.

Are we undermining our schools by not investing enough in education?

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