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Preparing for the 2012 federal budget

Photo: Kitty Canuck
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty prepares to deliver one of the most draconian budgets in recent years.

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What did corporate tax cuts deliver?

Photo: Kitty Canuck
Corporations sit on the cash they make from tax cuts rather than create jobs with it, a new Canadian Labour Congress study reports.

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| November 20, 2014
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| November 19, 2014
| November 18, 2014
| November 14, 2014
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| October 27, 2014

The Right pushes more austerity, despite surplus

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Last week, Germany completed its plan to provide free university tuition to all its students. It's an idea that no doubt would excite the hopes and dreams of young people in Canada -- which explains the need to snuff it out before it catches on.

Certainly, it's the kind of big idea that powerful interests here are keen to keep off the radar as Ottawa finds itself flush with surplus cash -- $6 billion next year, with bigger surpluses expected in future years.

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| October 2, 2014
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