green energy act

Mar 21, 2012
Nuclear Stations in Canada

Pushing back on the nuclear path: Part 1

Steve Cornwell
In recent news stories about nuclear meltdowns and the future of nuclear energy, I was struck by a significant gap: where is the Canadian content?
Jul 9, 2009

Reactor relief

Recession and climate politics are combining to shake up the pro-nuclear narrative big time, despite industry hopefuls who thought the atomic option was poised to win the low-carbon sweepstakes.
Feb 27, 2009

A turbine in every yard

Ontario's new Green Energy Act could take the province to the front of the green energy line, or become window dressing for more old-school centralized nuclear power plans.
Nov 28, 2008

Wente wrong on wind

Matt Adams
A foul wind blows - Margaret Wente's slamming of wind turbines would be funny if it weren't so sad.
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