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| March 28, 2014
| May 30, 2013
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Joan Crockatt
| November 27, 2012
Harvey Locke
| November 14, 2012

Green Party of Canada convention: 'Cooperate to defeat Harper'

New Zealand Green Party Leader Metiria Turei attended the convention.

The Green Party of Canada's three-day long convention in Sidney, B.C. has just wrapped up. Here is an account of the major decisions taken, from one of the nearly 300 delegates who were in attendance. 

This year's convention saw discussion of 27 policy motions, six constitutional motions, eight directive motions and three emergency motions.

All of the policy, constitutional and directive motions were subjected to an online vote prior to the convention. Emergency motions were first presented at the convention itself and thus had not previously been voted on. All resolutions will be subjected to a final and conclusive vote by the membership after the convention.


| July 5, 2012
| June 2, 2012

Orwellian times for Canada

When I heard that ForestEthics, a group targeted in a Prime Minister’s Office memorandum as an “adversary” of the PMO agenda, had decided to split its activities so as to make advocacy a separate arm, I thought “how brave.”  The fact is that PMO senior staff had pressured the group’s main funder; 


Green vs. NDP

Hello to anyone I hadn't messaged in my introductory post.

In that first thread, I mentioned I like a bit of the platforms of the Liberals, the NDP, and the Greens. But as I visit each party website and read about their policies, I find it hard to differentiate on more than a few areas of policy.

Given that I am a former libertarian who has since "seen the light" (for lack of a better phrase), I am what you might call a free agent looking for a place to belong. I'd like to get more involved on the left, and thought about joining a party - and the more I read the more I've boiled it down to the NDP or the Green Party.

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