May 19, 2015
Photo: Jimmy Emerson, DVM/flickr

Good things are growing in Ontario's greenbelt

David Suzuki
Environmentalists have joined farmers and local food advocates to urge Ontario's government to strengthen regulatory protection for the greenbelt and to expand it.
Dec 3, 2014
Plans for mega-highways are threatening Ontario's Greenbelt

Ontario's Greenbelt is under threat

Susan Swail
New study outlines threats to Ontario's Greenbelt: Greenbelt lands at risk of being paved over and contaminated.
Mar 10, 2013
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A\J Issue 39.2: Greenbelts

Alternatives Podcast
The Greenbelts edition of the A\J podcast features favourite memories of greenbelts around the world.
Feb 19, 2013

Are we paving over our natural wealth?

David Suzuki
Cities need room to grow, but city dwellers need food to eat as well. Paving over farmland for urban sprawl is not the way to go.
Jul 25, 2012

Map app helps bring nature into the equation

David Suzuki
The sophisticated services that nature provides are not only misunderstood and underappreciated; they tend to be ignored in modern economics and urban planning.
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