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Apr 26, 2017
Image: Vimeo/Mike Odin's Alaska Adventures

The grisly truth about B.C.'s grizzly trophy hunt

David Suzuki
Grizzlies face growing threats across their North American range, from trophy hunting to habitat destruction, declines in food sources like salmon and whitebark pine nuts, and climate change impacts.
Mar 10, 2015
Photo: Doug Brown/flickr

It's time to end the grisly trophy hunt

David Suzuki
Most British Columbians -- and Canadians -- are against the grizzly trophy hunt. It's time for the government to listen to the majority rather than industry donors and ban this barbaric practice.
Jun 5, 2013

Protecting Canada's grizzly bears

A new report by the David Suzuki Foundation says that a number of populations of grizzly bears in North America are at risk of decline. Jeff Gailus is author of the report.
May 2, 2012

Film: Bear 71

An innovative multimedia projects documents the life of a female grizzly bear in Banff National Park. The story of Bear 71's life is illustrated with web cam images of wildlife in the park.

Project Grizzly

Dec 15, 2010
NFB Mediatheque
150 John St. (at Richmond St. W)
Toronto , ON
43° 42' 17.9208" N, 79° 30' 43.3188" W
Ontario CA
Free screening of Project Grizzly
Oct 2, 2009

Salmon, grizzlies and the fall hunt

Chris Genovali of Raincoast Conservation Society says that salmon are critical for the health of bears. Poor salmon runs, and trophy hunting, are threatening B.C.'s bear population.
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