Jun 14, 2016

Think Before You Appropriate

Cultures have always exchanged ideas with each other. But sometimes the exchanges more closely resemble theft. The IPinCH project has produced a guidebook on appropriation from First Nations cultures.
Feb 26, 2013
Connaught School 1915

Too much politics all at once

Bernadette Wagner
Sometimes, there's a lot coming down the pipe at once! This week, it's municipal, school board and more!
Apr 20, 2012

Citizen Lambert goes to city hall

Street Cred
Montreal heritage preservation advocate Phyllis Lambert, the "Joan of architecture," takes her fight to save Griffintown and the Lower Main to Montreal city hall.
Apr 13, 2012

Saving Montreal's Main

Street Cred
As bulldozers move in to demolish a remaining strip of the city's once notorious red light district, further up Montreal's Main, the Plateau borough council has forced a building to be restored.
Jun 19, 2009

Vancouver may lose Pantages Theatre

In 1907 Alexander Pantages built a theatre in Vancouver's bustling Downtown Eastside. A hundred years later, the theatre is in near ruins. We speak with Janet Leduc of Heritage Vancouver.
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