house of commons

Jan 12, 2012

An open question to Lise St-Denis

Ian Capstick
Ian Capstick responds to Lise St-Denis about her decision to cross the floor and join the Liberal Party.
Jun 4, 2011

Scheer success

Erin Weir
Andrew Scheer has been elected House of Commons Speaker. I met him in 2004, when we were federal candidates in adjacent Regina ridings.
Sep 21, 2010

Rude and crude, eschewed

Ed Broadbent
The virtue of a system like ours is that it can combine political conviction with civility. But to really make that work, and to enhance the relevance of Parliament, requires overdue electoral reform.
Apr 28, 2010

A landmark decision, a democratic victory

Alheli Picazo
In a historic decision Tuesday regarding the battle for access to detainee documents, Speaker of the House Peter Milliken ruled in favour of the opposition.


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