humanitarian aid

Jun 29, 2018

Canada sends military force to Mali

Gerry Caplan
We rich white countries sure are generous when it comes to handouts for our Black kin in Africa. Except when we rip them off, of course, which is the real story of Canada and the West in Africa.
Nov 28, 2014
Nigel Fisher

Nigel Fisher

Nigel talks about hope, development, why he’s a strong believer in stories and how we must enable children to think critically. And about his cameo in Sean Penn’s upcoming film: The Last Face.
Oct 2, 2014

Canada's political parties struggle with Iraq war plan

Karl Nerenberg
Prime Minister Harper will announce an expanded military role for Canada in Iraq on Friday. Even some Conservatives have doubts about that, and it is politically tricky for both the NDP and Liberals.


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