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The growth of extreme inequality in Canada

There was always skepticism about claims that, as the rich became richer, income would "trickle down" to others. What wasn't perhaps foreseen was that the trickling would actually be in the other direction, and that it would be more of a torrent than a trickle.

But the evidence is now clear. Over the last three decades, the tables of the rich have overflowed, with barely any scraps falling off. On the contrary, there's been a massive transfer of income and wealth from Canada's middle and lower class to the rich.

The result is that Canada has become a highly unequal society.

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| November 20, 2014

Personal support workers walk off job, demand wage increase and justice

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Over 4,000 personal support workers (PSWs) walked off the job on Wednesday December 11 as part of a province wide strike.

PSWs working for Red Cross Care Partners have been in a legal strike position for several weeks. Workers contend that their actual wages have dropped seven per cent in the last two years due to a wage freeze combined with inflation and the increase in gas prices.


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| November 29, 2013
| October 17, 2013

The World Happiness Report: Where does Canada stack up and why?

There's long been an argument made that you can directly tie the collapse of the middle class to the decrease in union density and a batch of recently released statistics certainly support that idea.

Early in September, the US Census Bureau released their numbers on income. The results were typically grim, with the middle class continuing to shrink and more money headed to the top five per cent of wage earners (at this point I would normally link you to the census reports, but much like the rest of the US government the census website is shut down for the time being).


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| April 2, 2013
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| March 8, 2013
| November 23, 2012
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| June 6, 2012
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