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$10 million not enough to restore justice and dignity for Indigenous women in Canada

After 600 Aboriginal women and girls go missing or are found murdered in Canada, the federal government decides to throw-a-bone and give $10 million dollars. In March, the Canadian Minister of Justice budgeted $10 million over two years to address the issue of murdered and missing women in Canada, however, they have yet to figure out how to use the money.


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| October 22, 2014

The importance of protecting Indigenous women's stories

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We need to begin witnessing the stories of Indigenous women, instead of writing their stories for them.

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| September 5, 2014
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| August 20, 2014

Video: The long-time sex discrimination in the Indian Act

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This short video covers the long-time sex discrimination regarding the status provisions of the Indian Act. It discusses the two failed remedial legislations of 1985 and 2011, the Indigenous Famous Five and Lynn Gehl's work on unknown and unstated paternity.

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Cherry Smiley on Indigenous feminism, colonial violence and the sex industry

April 17, 2014
| In this episode we hear a talk by Cherry Smiley. The talk is part of a series on Indigenous Feminism, put on by the First Nations Student Association at Simon Fraser University.
Length: 53:27 minutes (48.94 MB)
| October 4, 2011
| October 4, 2011
| September 27, 2011
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