Indiginous resistance

Aug 13, 2014

Mount Polley: Mining is disaster

The mining industry is a key example of Canada's colonial and capitalist foundations, devastating the environment, dispossessing communities, and committing egregious human rights violations.
May 11, 2012

Alert! Radio #214: Special May Day episode

Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension
On this episode, Clayton Thomas Muller on Indigenous resistance, Mae Burrows' quest for a living wage in B.C. and Noam Chomsky calls for more comprehensive activist goals.
Feb 7, 2012

Alert! Radio #201: An Alert Special: What's Harper up to?

Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension
With the federal budget to be tabled within weeks, this edition of Alert! Radio features analysis of the Harper agenda in three different policy areas: health care, pensions, and energy (tar sands).
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