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Herdict is a crowdsourcing project showcases instances of Internet inaccessibility around the world
Mar 30, 2011
Photo: Len not Lenny/Flickr

The UBB fight starts with a simple message: Sell Bell

Bill Wittur
We can resist increasing Internet service costs in Canada by cancelling and boycotting services connected with the companies behind them. Here's how to cut down your use of Bell Canada or BCE Inc.
Oct 1, 2010

TV versus the Internet

Television services go through the same wires as Internet services. Why is this important? Because it raises questions about the practice of slowing access (throttling) to Internet services.
Feb 21, 2009

Why we need to "Save Our Net" in Canada

Watch Kris Krug president of Raincity Studios, Michael Tippett co-founder of NowPublic, and Steve Anderson explain why we need to save the open Internet in Canada.

Open Internet town hall

Jun 10, 2009
Ottawa Public Library main branch
120 Metcalfe
K1P5M2 Ottawa , ON
45° 25' 14.2212" N, 75° 41' 43.728" W
Ontario CA
Canada's Internet has been a level playing field for free speech; this is now under threat. Ottawa’s Open Internet Town Hall gives local citizens the chance to shape Canada's broadband future.
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