Mar 18, 2014
We are Russia: Putin is not.

Faces of war and peace on Moscow streets

Christopher Majka
What do Russians feel about the invasion of Crimea? What impact does media control have on public opinion? Photojournalist Ilya Varlamov and I present the faces of war and peace on Moscow streets.
Oct 2, 2010

Obama and the end of the combat mission in Iraq

Award-winning independent journalist Dahr Jamail says the announcement of the withdrawal of combat troops is simply a re-branding of the thousands of U.S. soldiers who will remain in the country.
Jan 8, 2010

Evasion of the body scanners

All the talk of airport security amounts to evading the key issue: why this continues and how to reverse the trend line. But that requires talking foreign policy, not airport screening.
Nov 20, 2009

Our own little Abu Ghraib?

The truly sickening part about Canada's role in turning Afghan detainees over for torture is that it provides one more proof that the war on terror has become the chief incubator of terror, post-9/11.
Sep 18, 2009

Out of Afghanistan: When will we learn?

Is this the lesson never learned? That when you invade, no matter what you say your reasons are, you are seen as an invader and occupier? Despite the good deeds you do or claim to do.
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